GamesMinecraft Player Creates Iron Man 3's Tony Stark Mansion In Survival Mode

Minecraft Player Creates Iron Man 3’s Tony Stark Mansion In Survival Mode

Minecraft Iron Man 3 Mansion
Image Source: SapphireCrafty (Reddit)

Every once in a while, we chance upon some Minecraft players taking their creativity to the next level. SapphireCrafty is one such player who has managed to build an excellent replica of Tony Stark’s mansion from Iron Man 3 and that too, in the challenging Survival Mode of the game.

In Survival mode, building Minecraft houses is difficult due to the various monsters that lurk around in the game. As opposed to that, the Creative mode gives you full freedom to roam around without getting killed and also presents unlimited resources at your disposal.

So essentially, Creative is the very mode that is meant to let you create such massive builds in. However, players love to try their hand at new challenges and hence building massive structures in Survival mode has become a trend.

The Tony Stark mansion created in Minecraft resembles the one featured in MCU’s Iron Man 3 from back in 2013. In fact, the movie saw this entire mansion getting destroyed by three terrorist helicopters.

Minecraft Iron Man 3 Mansion Night
Image Source: SapphireCrafty (Reddit)

It looks even more beautiful at night owing to the working lights that have been incorporated into it. This replica also includes a massive ship docked nearby. Apart from that, a helipad, complete with a helicopter also forms part of this Minecraft build.

It’s surprising to see that the game still has such a massive and dedicated community more than a decade after its release. After all, it’s the best-selling video game of all time, with over 238 million copies sold on a wide variety of platforms. Moreover, as of 2021, it boasted around 140 million monthly active users.

SapphireCrafty’s build of the Tony Stark mansion from Iron Man 3 was revealed by him on Reddit’s Minecraft community, where others were quite impressed with the feat.

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