GamesMagnum P.I. game for Java-enabled handsets launched by Ojom

Magnum P.I. game for Java-enabled handsets launched by Ojom

Ojom Magnum P.I. Game Screenshot

Ojom, a creator and publisher of mobile games has announced the launch of Magnum P.I. a mobile game version of the hit US detective series. The players can live their dream of Hawaii fighting crime, as private investigator Thomas Magnum.

The mobile game Magnum P.I. is a fast and furious platform game. The player is Thomas Magnum, ex-US Navy seal turned into private investigator and it’s the player’s job to clean Hawaii known for criminals in the players loud beach shirts.

The player has to pick up the stolen loot as much as possible along the way to ensure they get enough evidence to catch the gangsters.

The player can make use of the information provided by the buddy T.C. as he flies around in his famous helicopter.

The player can start the game with some training on the sunny beaches of Hawaii, avoiding obstacles and jumping across canyons collecting coins and priceless team rings Magnum and his pals got in Vietnam. In next stage of training it is important to collect as many of those team rings as possible, as it will get you an all important extra life.

As you progress through the training and begin your investigations you are asked to complete various tasks, each taking you a step closer to catching the criminals. As you progress through the game your final task is to rescue long-time friend Higgins, who has been kidnapped by a notorious crime organization.

The game has 20 levels including the bonus levels with the ultimate goal of catching the mobsters and becoming the top Private Investigator.

Run, jump and slide through the different missions, try the double jump and slide for extra smooth Magnum style. Controlling Magnum couldn’t be easier, as you run automatically and use your phone’s keys to move your character; press up to jump and down to slide.

Marc Bube, Channel Manager, of Ojom GmbH, commented: “Magnum P.I is an exciting addition to our range of mobile game titles. Many people will remember the immensely popular and iconic 80s TV series. This is an exhilarating and addictive jump ‘n’ run style game that we hope will appeal to a cross section of mobile gamers.”

Magnum P.I. is available in European languages on all Java enabled handsets on all major mobile operators.

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