AppleiPhone Ultra Model In The Pipeline, Says Report

iPhone Ultra Model In The Pipeline, Says Report

iPhone Ultra Rumour

If you thought Pro Max is the maximum Apple will stretch its iPhone line to, you may want to think Ultra. A report is stating that the Cupertino giant is discussing the launch of a higher-end model in 2024 that will have the Ultra branding.

The inspiration definitely comes from Samsung and other brands that use the Ultra suffix to designate a version of the phone that’s full of the latest technologies the company has to offer.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra, for instance, has a 200MP camera, a bigger battery, and a larger screen compared to the other Galaxy S23 flagships. Moreover, it also adds stylus support with the S Pen accessory.

As per Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, there have been internal discussions at Apple about launching a new iPhone Ultra model in 2024. It will be a higher-end version compared to the Pro and Pro Max models and will naturally warrant a bigger price tag.

According to Gurman, Apple CEO Tim Cook feels confident that customers will spend more money for higher-end features as the iPhone “has become integral to people’s lives.”

Could this be the port-less iPhone that has been churning the rumor mills for years? Or could it add a periscope lens to offer even better optical zooming capabilities? Or could it also offer a bigger display than the 6.7-inch panel on the current Pro Max models?

Whatever your money is on, it’s clear that the iPhone Ultra model is still too far away from release. If it is indeed to become a reality, we’re going to be hearing a lot about it in the months leading up to its launch in the fall of 2024. Let’s see how things pan out.

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