GeneralIntel's 12th Gen Alder Lake Chips Get Unveiled

Intel’s 12th Gen Alder Lake Chips Get Unveiled

Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake

A new generation of x86 processors has arrived with the launch of the 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake chips, which include what the company calls the “world’s best gaming processor.” Instead of using the tried and tested 14nm process, these chips employ the new Intel 7 process that’s just another word for third-gen 10nm or the Enhanced Superfin process.

This means Alder Lake processors aim to combine performance cores with efficiency cores to offer power savings along with all that brawn. The six chips that have been unveiled so far are all aimed at desktops, but Intel does plan to introduce variants for laptops and other portable devices in the near future.

Leading the lineup of Intel’s new 12th Gen Alder Lake processors is the Core i9-12900K model. It has been fitted with 16 cores, eight of which are performance-based ‘P-cores’ while the other eight are efficient ‘E-cores.’ It grabs 24 threads and is capable of clock speeds of up to 5.2GHz using Intel’s Turbo Boost Max 3.0 technology.

The mid-range slot is occupied by the Core i7-12700K, which holds 12 cores, 20 threads, and offers a 5GHz maximum clock. Eight of its cores are P-cores and the remaining four are E-cores. The base-level Core i5-12700K is also included in the Intel 12th Gen range. Among its 10 cores, six are P-cores and four are E-cores. It comes with 16 threads.

Each of these three chips is available in KF variants that shun their Intel UHD Graphics 770 for a cheaper price tag. The new P-core technology allows these Intel chips to offer 19 percent improved performance compared to 11th Gen chips.

November 4 is when these new 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake processors will start shipping, though pre-orders can be placed right now. The Core i5-12700K costs $289, the Core i7-12700K costs $409, while the Core i9-12900K can be yours at $589.

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