AppleHarry Potter game hits Apple App Store

Harry Potter game hits Apple App Store

Harry Potter Spells App

For all Harry Potter fans worldwide, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution announced the availability of Harry Potter: Spells App at the Apple App Store. Based on the Harry Potter film series, the app will change Muggles into novice wizards who can cast spells at opponents, shock them with spells like Stupefy! and disable them with Expelliarmus! The application brings the spellbinding world of Harry Potter to the iPhone.

With an archive of 14 spells, novice wizards can perform magic alone or duel others by casting spells from one handset to another with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. With a unique gameplay, players can receive an official invitation to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After receiving the invitation, students can visit the Ollivanders wand shop to find the perfect wand destined for them. Students are then introduced to the Sorting Hat that will place them in one of the four houses namely Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Once placed, students are eligible to begin wizard training. Novice wizard can learn specific hand gestures to cast magical spells. Once the spell casting skill is mastered it can be used in a duel.

Students can perform the spells alone or challenge a friend for a duel. Players of varying ages can duel others and need to be cautious of students with advanced skills, strategic knowledge and larger reserve of spells. Trainee wizards can still win based on their magical skills regardless of the level. A duel comes to an end when one player’s health meter is zero.

Harry Potter: Spells App teaches the most famous spells from the magical world of Harry Potter like Lumos and Expecto Patronum! Students can learn some offensive spells to reduce an opponent’s health meter. The app also brings some defensive spells to oppose offensive spells or reload the player’s health. Players can also make use of status spells which affect an opponent’s ability to cast spell for a specific time period. Furthermore, they can also learn one among their favorite spells called Alohomora.

Apart from mastering spells in practice mode and winning duels, students are rewarded with house points. These house points are then combined with points earned by all players around the globe, belonging to the same house. With the Profile section, players can keep a track of statistics which include the player’s accomplishments and total house points with name, house, wins and looses in dueling. It also includes the player’s rank in the house as well as the entire school. The House Point Leaderboard shows top rated players among all four houses and the Overall Leaderboard displays the top Hogwarts students. With Facebook integration, the app allows players to post their profiles and scores on the site.

Users can experience the magical world of Harry Potter on their iPhones as the Harry Potter: Spells App is available at the Apple App Store for $4.99.

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