AccessoriesFlir One transforms iPhone into a thermal camera, lets you see heat in the surrounding

Flir One transforms iPhone into a thermal camera, lets you see heat in the surrounding

The Flir One iPhone cover does much more than protecting your smartphone from bumps, scrapes and scratches, it can actually help you see heat in your surroundings. With this case wrapped around your beloved handset, you can have your very own thermal imaging system and make this type of energy visible.

The company behind the innovative case is basically a non-contact device that is capable of detecting infrared energy. This is then converted into an electronic signal and finally a thermal image. It performs temperature calculations as well. The developers say that it is possible to accurately measure heat when it is sensed by an infrared camera.

Flir One

Apart from the things mentioned above, the accessory can come in handy for seeing in the dark or see through smoke. It can even let you see right through a select few materials. A live thermal image of the world constantly plays on your iPhone’s screen and the pictures and videos you capture using your thermal camera can easily be uploaded to social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Interested customers need not worry about the battery life as it as an onboard power source which is also capable of boosting the phone’s usage time. You can pick it up in shades like space grey, white and gold. The cover itself will be available in Spring 2014, whereas its software development kit will be hosted on the internet in this quarter itself. It will be up for grabs for select Android gadgets later this year.

The Flir One iPhone cover will be priced at less than $350.

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