Ericsson’s India employees headcount zooms past Sweden’s

Ericsson which prides itself as a growing provider of communications technology and services, now has more employees in India than it does in its home country of Sweden, according to the company’s Facts & Figures web page. The headcount is 17,991 staff in India and 17,545 employees in Sweden, with about 80 percent of its workforce being male.

In total, Ericsson has 111,383 employees from across the world working for it and has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. It simply can’t be that the brand has such a comparably high number of people (in fact, higher than any other country in which it operates) in India without reason. Let us clue you in – the company makes components for phones instead of manufacturing handsets.

Ericsson Company Services Image File

India is the fastest growing handset market on the globe and 4G LTE is still at its nascent stage, with few operators still appearing to be in the mood for testing the waters before diving right in. Going by an Ericsson report, the country’s mobile broadband users will grow in number to touch four times the present figures by the year 2020. This is directly tied to the 80 percent of consumers who still haven’t adopted smartphones and are yet to experience the mobile web.

This means there will be ample need for products related to communications technology, a field in which Ericsson plays ball quite well. Of course, the company’s experience in India has not been all smooth-flowing considering that it went up against local brands, Micromax and Intex, over patents infringement issues at the beginning of this year. But it’s obviously confident that the best is yet to come and is readying itself for this.