Enhance mobile experience with new Nokia N900 software update

Nokia N900

Nokia has news for N900 owners who are looking out for an incredible software update. Nokia Conversations highlights that the company has released a new software update for its stunning N900 handset.

The update allures users with Ovi Suite support and makes it effortless to access and sync files and messages from the device to the desktop. The company has also included a wide array of tweaks and fixes which will enable the device to function without any interruption.

Users will be alerted about the installation when they see a white exclamation mark in a yellow box on the screen. Further, owners can click that specific icon and follow the necessary instructions. Individuals who receive a ‘not enough memory warning’ when they try to update the software can just uninstall a few apps and try again.

Nokia N900 owners can use this software update and improve their mobile experience.