Discover iPhone apps with sync tool Sync iPhone The Apple App Store is already flooded with innovative apps and there are several on the way. Searching for the latest apps was rather intricate, but it’s no more difficult. Sync is a novel discovery tool that enables iPhone users to search apps.

The sync tool provides a unique way to find latest app and makes the searching task less cumbersome. The tool also facilitates users to share a list of apps with their friends. It also seems like a boon to the social networking addicts. Sync creates a list of apps and automatically keeps it updated when the user downloads new applications or deletes them. The app sharing tool also provides an amazing option especially for the bloggers. It allows users to embed the list on the webpage.

The new version 2.0 has been updated with a superior interface, enhanced speed and more control over the sync process. The app is available for free for Windows and Mac 10.5+.