GeneralBPL provides Mumbai police to keep track of drunk drivers through sms

BPL provides Mumbai police to keep track of drunk drivers through sms

BPL Mobile along with Hyderabad based IMImobile is thinking seriously to help Mumbai police for a safer Mumbai. And for this it has launched a service that helps Mumbai police to keep track of drunk drivers via mobile phones.

BPL, IMImobile

The service was launched in September and has greatly succeeded in helping the Mumbai police and making Mumbai safer. When the traffic police stops a vehicle all he needs to do is to check the driver’s license and send a SMS with details regarding the driver’s license number to a confidential short code. On sending the message the police gets back an immediate reply. In case if the driver is a repeat offender, then the sms will give details like the drivers earlier offences while driving, license and vehicle number along with the date, location and the type of offence. In case if the driver is caught for the very first time then the police would book him fresh , add fresh records with the current information which will be helpful in future if the driver is caught again.

BPL mobile and IMImobile developed this application in order to help Mumbai police to take some strict actions against the drunk drivers if they are caught again and again, as the sms provides the cops with speedy information of the driver. Such applications prove to be very useful especially during festival times or during holidays. The database that keeps detailed records of drunk drivers is kept very confidential with top ranking officials and only they have a right to access this database.

Mr. Sunzay Passari, vice president, value added services, BPL Mobile says, “It is a heartfelt endeavor of BPL Mobile towards every Mumbaikar’s safety and hoping they have a wonderful and hazard free festive season and that they step in the New Year with the same revelry”.

The service will also help Mumbai police to keep track and take some serious action against rash drivers, jumping signals, lane cutting, no parking etc. the service has already made remarkable improvement and providing a safe Mumbai for the Mumbaikars.

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