AppleBlue Atlas Broker version 3.2 for iPhone

Blue Atlas Broker version 3.2 for iPhone

Blue Atlas Broker Blue Atlas Technology delivers the latest version of the Blue Atlas Broker. The new version 3.2 of Blue Atlas Broker is faster, precise and claims to bring more features than any other Real Estate search application available for the iPhone.

It claims to be the first iPhone application to exhibit location based Real Estate listings on an interactive map. Users can search through the extensive Google Real Estate Database and precisely filter results by location, price, beds, baths, open house, for sale or rent, property type etc. Furthermore, users can view photos, email listings, receive easy directions to destinations and more.

“During a recent outing with a client they asked to also see foreclosures in the area. With a quick shake of the iPhone I was able to show them both foreclosures and other listings right in the neighborhood, they loved it!” Marie LaMora,

Blue Atlas Broker claims to pack various valuable features that are not available with other similar applications. Whenever a user pans or zooms any map, the application instantly searches the new location and displays matching results.

According to Anthony Amundson, founder of Blue Atlas Technology the future of Real Estate search applications will be focused on mobile devices. “Mobile devices like the iPhone, and Droid are clearly the preferred device for clients who are searching for real estate. By using the device’s built in GPS, high-speed internet connection, and embedded mapping features, clients now have the power to instantly view real estate listings anywhere, anytime.”

Blue Atlas Broker also comes with a unique feature called “Shake to find property”. Users simply need to shake their devices to search the location for property. The application instantly returns back with relevant results.

Users can download the Blue Atlas Broker available at the Apple App Store. It is a free ad-supported app with an optional ad-free version.

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