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7 Best Free Android Simulation Games

Our set of the best free Android simulation games will take you into a completely different virtual world. The key highlight of these titles is that they give you the entire authority of a particular venue and lets you take all the decisions which you think will benefit the place you are in charge of.

Depending on your preferences you can choose to shoulder the responsibility of a city, an amusement park, a farm, a shopping mall, a hotel or a restaurant amongst others. So do you wish to find out how good you are with handling these businesses? If yes, then go right ahead and take a look at the applications we have lined up for you.

1 – Townsmen:

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Townsmen requires you to build a medieval city and at the same time take care of the economic condition of your town as well as of cute townies residing there. As you run deep production chains and have multiple buildings in your designated area, you are likely to come across complex challenges that you will have to tackle efficiently.

The title allows you to build dozens of towns and you are given various tasks as well. It functions just like a real city with production units, economic issues and even changing seasons. Additionally, it is optimized for TVs so you can play it on a big screen over MHL.

2 – City Island:

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Unlike the aforementioned Townsmen, the next title on our roster lets you build a modern-day city. Considering that it is your city, you are accountable for the happiness of all the citizens and to make sure that they are comfortable, you need to build houses, community buildings and even create jobs to ensure that everybody in your city can earn along with yourself.

It allows you to come up with your own business empire comprising hotels, cinemas, offices, restaurants, theme parks and more. Besides an intuitive interface, you can expect the title to tag along high quality graphics too.

3 – Order Up!! To Go:

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All foodies would definitely want to be in control of a restaurant and we have added Order Up!! To Go in our lineup especially for them. Culinary stardom is what the time management title promises to offer. As you build your own restaurant empire, you have to take care of multiple joints at the same time and unlock new dishes and recipes for each of your eateries.

And be ready to face challenges like fires, rat invasions or health inspections. Besides enhanced graphics, this application also features advanced gesture controls so you can carry out your work in the kitchen with perfection.

4 – Hotel Story:

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If it is a hotel on which you wish to focus your attention, then Hotel Story from our compilation seems like the perfect option for you. This epic strategy title gives you the full authority to build a hotel resort from scratch and comes along with multiple levels of upgrades.

In addition to 21 types of facilities, the application consists of 23 kinds of tourists and it even gives you a chance to connect with players from all across the world. And you do not need an internet connection at all times, it works fine offline as well.

5 – Prehistoric Park Builder:

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Wouldn’t it be fun to build a theme park for Stone Age men? Well, if you answered in the affirmative, we know about an application that will let you do just that. To become the amusement tycoon of the prehistoric times, you can choose to set up 60 rides and attractions that are inclusive of wooden swings, merry-go-rounds, stone slides, roller coasters and much more.

Additionally, you have Jurassic dinosaurs which help you run your dinomotors to power up the rides. Plant exotic tress and unique flowers, build restrooms and eateries or place benches to make your park comfortable for the visitors. And as you are going to need people to take care of the park, you can even hire some of the cavemen.

6 – Farm Frenzy:

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If agriculture and farms fascinate you, Farm Frenzy from this catalog is likely to catch your attention. And don’t think your task is limited to planting and harvesting crops, you have to also take care of animals like sheep, cows, chickens and more which will allow you to produce wool, butter, cheese and other milk products.

By selling these items you can make profits and earn a huge amount of cash. The time management title has 72 levels and your responsibilities increase as and when you level up.

7 – Mega Mall Story Lite:

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In Mega Mall Story, your task is to design and build a huge, towering mall which is every shopper’s paradise. By working towards improving the shopping complex, you can earn a 5-star status and even add extra stuff in it. These could include eating joints, restaurants, elevators, staircases and even a full-fledged helipad.

But be careful of the dreaded fever in which your customers start swamping your building just when your business is flourishing. The lite version of the Mega Mall Story allows you to enjoy it for 2 in-app years and if you wish to continue after that, you get the option to buy the paid application.


The best free Android simulation games are a perfect way to have some fun while building an entirely different virtual world while on the move. You can depend on these titles to keep you company when you have nothing better to do. So what are you interested in building, a mall, a theme park or an entire city? Do let us know.

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