AppleApple iPhone officially launched in South Korea

Apple iPhone officially launched in South Korea

Apple LogoMobile enthusiasts living in South Korea and eagerly awaiting for iPhones to be available in their country would be quite pleased these days. The Apple iPhone has finally been launched in South Korea, reports BGR.

Well the iphone was released amid much fanfare and hoopla. Hundreds of tech-savvy people queued up outside the Olympic stadium in Seoul to get their hands on the coveted device. Smarter people who anticipated the hysteria prebooked their iPhones. Reportedly, almost 65,000 consumers ordered their iPhones in the weeks prior to the launch.

Apparently, the iPhone is being sold by cellular provider KT Corp in South Korea. The 32GB iPhone 3GS comes with a price tag of 3,96,000 won or $338 with a monthly plan of 45,000 won or $38. One can also purchase the device for 264,000 won or $225 with a monthly fee of 65,000 won $55.

Reportedly, other competitors like Samsung and LG, who presently dictate the South Korean market seem to have already begun feeling the heat. They have apparently lowered their handset costs across the country.

Now one has to wait to see how the iPhone performs in the South Korean market in the coming months.

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