Apple’s giving Rs 3900 to users who paid for iPhone battery replacement

Apple launched an iPhone battery replacement scheme last year to make up for deceiving its customers. It’s now planning to give back to those who got a new battery before the controversy came to light.

iPhone Battery

To recap, a Redditor discovered that his iPhone became much faster when he fitted a fresh battery inside it back in 2017. People eventually realized that iOS 10.2.1 was to blame. Apple later admitted that it had introduced a performance-throttling feature into the software to prevent unexpected shutdowns.

Apple didn’t think to tell anyone about this at the time, resulting in several people swapping their iPhone battery at full price. It’s now running a discounted battery replacement program which offers a new battery at Rs 2000.

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This is fine for users who haven’t gotten a fresh battery, but it’s not great for owners who paid the full rate. Apple is now trying to make up for this with a new deal. It’ll give back Rs 3900 to those left out.

iPhone Battery Replacement Requirements

Customers will need to fulfill certain criteria to be eligible. They have to own an iPhone 6 or later. An out-of-warranty battery replacement had to be carried out between 1 January 2017 and 28 December 2017. It’s also key that the fix was done at an Apple Store, Apple Repair Center, or Apple Authorized Service Provider.

The amount will either be handed over via an electronic funds transfer or credit on a person’s credit card. Apple’s even planning on emailing owners between 23 May and 27 July to tell them how to go about it. If they haven’t received the missive by 1 August, they’ll have to contact the company by 31 December with proof.

It should be noted that Apple won’t be giving Rs 3900 to folks who got an in-warranty swap done. The company’s getting sued by consumers around the world right now. They think the brand should answer for the deception. This new scheme might alleviate some complaints, but not all.