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Google Photos gets a complete overhaul with map view and fresh design

Google Photos

Google Photos is among the most useful services that the search giant offers, and it’s hence toyed around with a lot. This time around, Google has given it a huge revamp that we hope sticks around for a longer time than the four-tab layout from earlier this year. This update adds a revamped three-tab layout, a new icon, map view and many more tiny changes.

Photos, Search and Library are the three tabs that you can now find at the bottom of the interface. The first one among them is as usual, the home of all the photos and videos you upload to Google Photos, arranged on a timeline. But the thumbnails are larger this time, while your videos will autoplay to give you short previews. Plus, the Memories carousel at the top now features much larger previews, kind of like the ones in the Facebook app. Moreover, there are new types of Memories as well, like the best pictures of you and your closest friends and even highlights from last week.

The Search tab has been made much more diverse as if it wasn’t diverse enough already. Among its new additions is a map view for those who keep geo-tagging on in their camera apps. Map view gives you an interactive map view of your photos and videos, allowing you to pinch and zoom around the globe to view photos from your trips. The final tab among the three is Library, and it contains everything from your albums, favorites, trash, archives, and other sections. Folks in the US and UK can also find the Print Store icon here.

This new update to Google Photos will as usual roll out gradually. While we’ve got the new icon, there’s still no sign of when the new features will reach our devices.