BlackBerry Bold 9780 dipped in fresh paints by ColorWare

ColorWare BlackBerry 9780

The latest Bold smartphone from RIM, the 9780 has already hit the streets of India, Canada and the U.K. This chic device operates on the latest BlackBerry 6 operating system. It sports a 5 megapixel camera with a slew of added functionalities to spruce up the users’ photographs.

Another touch of excitement with splashes of color and interesting customization has been added to the smartphone. ColorWare has enrolled the BlackBerry Bold 9780 into its parlor, allowing handset owners to give their phones a fresh face lift. The company lets users alter the entire look by mix matching the frame, top, bottom, inner back, outer back and the logo, all of these will be dipped in a palette of vibrant paints chosen by them.

Bold 9780 owners have three options either to pick up a new product from ColorWare for $800. This will be shipped in the U.S and internationally. They can even purchase just the parts they require for $150. However, users will have to install these on their own. The third and the final option is to simply send in their handset and the company shall install the parts desired by the owner for $150. This can be availed only in the U.S.