Nokia and Telefonica team up to debut eco-friendly N8 and C7

Nokia N8 C7

Environment conscious individuals have often looked for products that help reduce their carbon footprints. In order to suffice this demand, Nokia has partnered with Telefónica to transform the N8 and C7 into eco-friendly handsets. Offering a greener choice, the devices have been installed with a complete folder of eco applications.

According to the Nokia Conversation, this green content subsumes an educational game known as Climate Mission along with several other third-party apps. Further, the handset incorporates a link to the smartphone’s eco-profile wherein the company unravels the environmental impact of each and every model. In addition to the above listed software alterations, the company has reduced the start-up guide to a single sheet of paper. It claims that by doing this the company saves 95 percent paper.

The packaging has also been cut down to the minimum amount required to protect the device in transit. Besides, the packaging materials are 100 percent recyclable. The inclusion of a high-efficiency energy charger minimizes the time taken to charge the phone. The handset even reminds users to unplug the charger once charging is over.

The Nokia N8 and the Nokia C7 are boasted of being the company’s foremost environment friendly phones as they furnish a power-efficient AMOLED screen, an energy-saving mode and an ambient light sensor. Additionally, the N8 uses bio-plastics while the C7 makes use of bio-paints. These are free of BFR (brominated flame retardants), PVC and RFR (chlorinated and brominated compounds and antimony trioxide).

Both the companies have undertaken this mission as a part of their Green Customer Experience cooperation. In fact, they both claim to have been recognized by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index as the leaders in the field of sustainability. Nokia is foremost in the technology sector whereas Telefónica heads telecommunications.

Initially, the project will debut in Spain and then move on to other markets where Telefónica’s present is felt like the United Kingdom, Germany, Argentina, Peru and Chile.