Wire-Free Power Energizes Apple iPhone and BlackBerry 8800

Wild Charge Logo WildCharge, which delivers electric power to mobile phones with wire free technology, has announced to release adapters which will WildCharge-enable Apple iPhones, iPod touch and Blackberry Pearl and 8800 to the consumers in the first quarter of 2008.

WildCharge is showcasing these devices adapters at CES 2008 which is in Las Vegas.

As WildCharge’s device adapter for Apple iPhone was displayed the CEO Dennis Grant stated, “WildCharge’s technology is more than a simple charging solution for mobile devices it’s a true revolution that will ultimately eliminate the array of tangled chargers, adapters and cords consumers currently deal with on a regular basis.”

Grant further continued, “There’s no ‘trickle charge’ here. Our technology delivers instant power to all WildCharge-enabled consumer electronic devices just as if they were connected directly to an electric outlet. Virtually any consumer electronic device can be readily WildCharge-enabled.”

WildCharger wire free charging pad has won the award for Best of Innovations, Portable Power Category at the CES. This charger is a sleek, flat charger pad which delivers up to 15watts of power.

The WildCharger is capable of charging four small devices like cellular phones, portable music players, digital cameras, and other similar electronic devices.