Verizon Wireless Broadband Network Expanded in Pennsylvania

Verizon Wireless Logo Verizon Wireless has expanded the national high speed wireless network to Cambria, Franklin, Fulton, Indiana, and Somerset counties including the towns of Ebensburg, Indiana, Johnstown, Seven Springs, and Somerset.

“These communities represent vital markets with dynamic, tech-savvy business people, students, visitors, and residents who want to stay connected,” explained Roger Tang, president Ohio/Pennsylvania/West Virginia region, Verizon Wireless.

“The launch of our broadband network here provides our customers with access to the very latest wireless technology,” added.

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Verizon Wireless network customers can enjoy two prime services which are noted below:

  • BroadbandAccess, the enhanced high-speed wireless service that equips Verizon Wireless’ business customers with a truly untethered mobile office experience, enabling them to wirelessly access their calendars, Internet, e-mail, and critical business information residing behind their companies’ firewalls
  • V CAST, a consumer-oriented multimedia service that gives customers access to the most comprehensive selection of downloadable music, high-quality videos and the coolest 3D games found anywhere.
  • BroadbandAccess is based on Evolution-Data Optimized Revision A (EV-DO Rev A) offers mobile workers the ability to access their corporate information attached to data through a high speed wireless wired connection with mobility.

    The service also enables large enterprises, small- to medium-sized businesses and mobile professionals to conduct business everywhere in the BroadBandAccess coverage area through a secure and high speed data connection.

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    With BroadBandAccess, users can expect average download speeds of 600 kilobits per second to 1.4 megabits and average upload of 500 to 800 kbps. The users can download one Megabyte e-mail attachment which is equivalent to a small PowerPoint presentation or even a large PDF file in eight seconds, while it can upload the same size file in less than 13 seconds.

    BroadbandAccess also allows Verizon Wireless users to download files approximately 10 times faster than customers of wireless service providers that use different broadly deployed network technologies.

    The users who travel outside can enhance BroadbandAccess coverage area with an EV-DO device.

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    “Our enhanced BroadbandAccess service gives our customers three key advantages in wireless communication speed, mobility and security,” explained Tang. “With these advantages comes an increase in productivity and bottom-line business benefits.”

    V CAST multimedia services offer users the ability to download full-song tracks, play cutting-edge 3D games and stream video clips directly to the handset with top transmission speeds.

    V CAST also offers daily content update where users can watch dozens of on demand videos, including breaking news, weather updates, sports highlights, and the hottest entertainment clips.

    Verizon’s customers can enjoy V CAST Music with full-song mobile music store that contains more than 2.5 million songs from well-known as well as independent artists and users can download over-the-air, directly onto their V CAST Music-enabled wireless phones.

    Verizon Wireless BroadBandAccess and V CAST cover areas like communities, universities, attractions, and major roadways the few of them are Ebensburg, Indiana, Johnstown, New Florence and Hidden Valley ski resort.

    Verizon Wireless will be launching high speed wireless broadband network in United States.