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Vertu Ascent Ti launched in India

Vertu Ascent Ti Mobile Phone

The new Vertu Ascent Ti has been announced in India. While making this handset, care has been taken as it has the distinctly masculine edge. The Vertu Ascent Ti’s design and material has been inspired by high performance sports cars.

Vertu Ascent Ti design was handcrafted in England. The handset of Vertu Ascent Ti emulates the clean, sculpted curves of a powerful car, while the onscreen chronograph and offset illumination of the keypad echo precision dashboard instruments.
Titanium is chemically known as Ti which is a non-corrosive element so users will not have to worry about the phone getting rusted. The phone also has the ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

According to Frank Nuovo, Vertu Principal Designer, “From the start the Vertu Ascent has been heavily influenced by the power, energy, and sheer precision of a beautiful car. With the Vertu Ascent Ti, this vision has been developed further using the high grade materials, design detail, technical superiority and unsurpassed performance associated with the luxury sports car industry. The result is a highly crafted handset of precision, balance and strength.”

The Vertu Ascent Ti has tanned cow-hide leather and a scratch- resistance sapphire crystal face and highly polished ceramic. The mobile phone is then assembled by professionally trained craftsmen.

Once the handset is made it is passed through a series of rigorous tests from the sound quality to extreme robustness.
The users of Ascent Ti can feel secure as it the phone has Vertu Fortress technology that offers remote synchronization of contacts, calendar, notes and even backs up all stored data to a high security server.

The unique feature of the phone is that the users will have access to their personal account through vertu.com. So if the consumer losses their mobile phone they will be able to quickly re-instate their data from the server to their new handset.

The quad-band, 3G Vertu Ascent Ti also has a 3 mega pixel flash VGA camera. The handset comes in three colors – black or red leather with a black ceramic pillow or brown with a silver ceramic pillow.

The Vertu Ascent Ti is priced at Rs. 326,000.

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