Nokia 6110 Navigator GPS-enabled Phone comes to India

Nokia 6110 Navigator Phone
Nokia India has finally launched the 6110 Navigator phone in the country. This GPS/navigation dedicated mobile phone offers maps, routing and navigation just at the click of the Navigator key.

The user-friendly 6100 Navigator device provides users with clear instructions by voice guidance as well as turn arrows on a map. Thus, users will be able to find the best route to their destination.

Also making it easy to handle the 6110 Navigator is the full turn-by-turn 3D navigation which very simply suggests the best and optimum route to follow.

The Nokia 6100 Navigator phone is preloaded with maps of eight Indian cities namely Delhi & NCR, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

The 8 Indian city maps currently have locations and details of 75,000+ km of roads, 10,000+ Restaurants & Hotels, 10,000+ Banks & ATMs, 5,000+ Schools & Colleges, 3,000+ Petrol Pumps, 3,000+ Places of Worship, 2,000+ Hospitals & Medicine Shops, 2,000+ Car & Auto Service Stations, and 1,000’s of other places of interest.

The Nokia 6110 Navigator phone will be available in India in late December for a price of Rs.20,869.