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iPhone 15 Models Could Support 35W Fast Charging

USB Type-C Cable

With Apple’s long-awaited iPhone 15 event looming around, another tidbit has emerged that’s sure to get fans more excited. Apparently, “some” of the models will ship with support for 35W fast charging via their new USB Type-C ports.

For those unaware, Apple is expected to swap its Lightning ports for USB Type-C ports this year in compliance with new European Union (EU) regulations that go into effect next year. And it’s this upgrade that will reportedly give the iPhone 15’s charging speeds a big boost, as per 9to5Mac.

To put things in context, the iPhone 14 Pro models support 27W charging and the iPhone 14 variants offer 20W support. While chargers are no longer packed inside the box, Apple does sell a 35W dual USB Type-C unit that’s aimed at MacBook Airs and iPhones.

The company could choose to advertise this accessory as an accompaniment for the faster-charging iPhone 15 models or launch a completely new charging brick altogether. There’s even a 30W Type-C unit in its repertoire but it’s still short of the expected 35W output of the iPhones.

New guidelines issued by the EU mandate all phones sold after fall 2024 to use the USB Type-C connector for their charging ports with the aim of bringing universality to the charging ecosystem. Apple has since given several hints that it will comply with these regulations.

However, there have also been rumors that Apple’s USB Type-C cables will feature authenticator chips that will potentially limit their functionality with Apple-unapproved accessories. All will only be clear once the iPhone 15 models will be launched later this year.

At the moment, Apple is expected to hold the iPhone 15 unveiling event on September 12 or 13 but no concrete confirmation has come our way yet.