ScienceDr Harsh Vardhan tells scientists to develop technologies for common man's welfare

Dr Harsh Vardhan tells scientists to develop technologies for common man’s welfare

Union Minister of Science & Technology & Earth Sciences Dr. Harsha Vardhan asks scientists to develop at least one technology in strategic sector in each laboratory in India. Speaking to media at Raman Research Institute in Bangalore yesterday, the minister said that results of the scientific research should reach to the people and the Union government is striving to bridge the gap between scientists and the common people. Scientists in India cannot stand alone with their research papers but help the people Dr. Harsh Vardhan said. He said there should be a method for scientists to work to set timeframes to achieve targets.


The Minister said that declarations have been adopted in Dehradun and Hyderabad meetings, involving various scientists, to develop the technologies for National missions like swatch Bharat, skill India, smart cities, digital India, Namami Ganga projects. Indian laboratories are now expected to devise ways to develop industry driven technologies, including game changing technologies. He asked the scientists’ community to be a catalytic agent in evolving India into ‘Samarth Bharat-Sashakt Bharat’. Scientists should focus on developing technologies for improving quality of life of the common man and coming months would see each of the laboratories focusing its resources on developing specific lines of inventions which would contribute to the social and economic objectives of the Narendra Modi government for the poor and common man the minister said.

Dr. Harsha Vardhan said further studies and experiments in the field of earth sciences are underway for a better prediction of climate conditions. He added that the government is ready to pump in more funds into scientific researches. Due to the initiatives of the government, Indian born scientists are returning to their homeland. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji himself is focusing in this regard, the minister added. It may be noted here that the Prime Minister met 30 eminent scientists from various top institutions across the country three days back to discuss related issues. Dr Harsha Vardhan visited the Raman Research Institute in Bangalore yesterday and had a first-hand exposure to the cutting edge experimental research at the institute. He has be visiting all the top research laboratories across the country to monitor and guide the scientific activities being undertaken there.

Source: Press Information Bureau

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