Boo! Ghostly game – Top winner at Nokia Mobile Games Innovation Challenge

Boo! Ghostly game, Nokia Phone and Logo GhostWire by a Different Game from Sweden is the top winner of Mobile Games Innovation Challenge the news was out through Nokia. Ghostwire is a game of adventure for all the users who always wanted to know about the Ghost world and communicate with them. Here is an opportunity for them to communicate with the ghost world by using all the different features on their mobile phones. GhostWire also adds an improved reality-powered mini game where players can find ghosts using their mobile phone cameras. The game has been awarded with prize money of 40,000 EUR to make it more advanced.

The second prize winner of 20,000 EUR was the Melokey for its outstanding capabilities to bring music and games on mobile with elaborated and enhanced social networking features. Melokey is a musical game where the player learns singing and plays them against other in-game characters and rivalry team and gets an appreciation for the same. Once the users get their hands on how to master the play, the players can now play their favorite songs along with their friends.

Third Prize winner Watchers won 10,000 EUR. It is an adventurous game that uses Nokia Maps and other real world applications to find the location. The player must visit these locations and discover clues with their intellectual powers to know who they are, why they are trapped and who is behind all this. It’s an episodic game that allows the users to challenge other conspiracy theorists.

“We are happy to see such exciting mobile game concepts come from each of the three winners of the Mobile Games Innovation Challenge and are looking forward to seeing these innovative ideas come to life,” stated by Dr Mark Ollila, director of games publishing, Nokia.

“The standard of the concepts submitted to the Mobile Games Innovation Challenge was very high, and it has been fascinating to see the different types of ideas created for mobile. It has been a difficult decision, but we were all impressed by Ghostwire,” said Maarten Noyons, founder and general manager of the International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) and head of the Mobile Games Innovation Challenge judging panel.

The Mobile Game Innovation Challenge was held to encourage the mobile game developers to explore and come out with more innovative and advanced features in their gaming development and to get popular worldwide.