AppsZoomcar now lets you drive autorickshaws

Zoomcar now lets you drive autorickshaws

Bangalore-based self-driving car rental service Zoomcar has launched a new autorickshaw service for customers in 6 cities across India. The company currently has a presence in Mumbai, Delhi and NCR, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

An autorickshaw-for-hire service is a unique proposition and may appeal to those who seek a cheaper mode of transportation and don’t want to be at the mercy of auto drivers. Not to mention the novelty factor of driving around in an auto as opposed to a regular car. Zoomcar is probably hoping to cash in on this with the new feature, though it’s only launching it on a pilot basis for now.

Zoomcar Auto

To book an autorickshaw, patrons will have to head over to the Zoomcar website or app. While both currently let customers reserve an auto for 4 hours, they’ll only be allowed to drive one for 30 minutes and pay Rs 40 for it as of now. This is on top of the Rs 5000 refundable security deposit they have to shell out for every booking.

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The pilot nature of the project additionally places several other restraints on the customer. For one, they’ll have to go through a 10 minute training session with a Zoomcar executive and spend the next 20 minutes of their ride with 2 professionals. Furthermore, they’ll only be allowed to travel up to a radius of 1km around the pick-up site.

These rules will hopefully ease up once Zoomcar exits the pilot stage of its autorickshaw service. You can download the brand’s app via the Google Play Store or iTunes.

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