GamesZoo Marbles now for mobile phones

Zoo Marbles now for mobile phones

Zoo MarblesAll you animal lovers are going to love this news. The latest game for your mobile phones is Zoo Marbles by Breakpoint Games. Your phone will now be home to little cute animals that have been bogged down by loads of marbles courtesy the marble monster. You are now responsible to get rid of these marbles setting the animals free.

The game features 9 funny and cute animals that have been trapped by the marbles. The addictive gameplay requires you to shoot colorful marbles into other marbles to join marbles of the same colour. Three similar coloured marbles when together will burst like bubbles and disappear. Those marbles that are not attached to anything will simply fall away.

With Zoo Marbles for mobile phones, gamers can enjoy 10 special bonuses that are hidden among the marbles. Free the animals with a range of interesting gadgets that include dynamite, piranhas, laser sights, bombs and many more. Encompassed in colorful graphics, the game assures you hours of fun on your mobile phone.

There are 3 interesting modes called Ceiling, Time and Avalanche. The first Ceiling mode is based on strategy and accuracy. Gamers have to get rid of the marbles before they are crushed down by the descending ceiling. The next mode that is the Time mode requires players to have good reflexes and speed. All you have to do is attain maximum number of points in a limited time period. The final mode namely the Avalanche mode is yet another challenging level that needs you to get maximum points as marbles gradually descend on you with new colorful rows appearing at the top.

You are up in challenge against Zoo Marble players from all over the world as the highest score from each mode is updated in the server.

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