Here’s how you can block Candy Crush requests from those annoying Facebook friends

Did you know you could stop friends on Facebook from sending you all those annoying Candy Crush requests and even bar them from harassing you with any app or event invite at all? There are two ways of doing this and it’ll only take you a few seconds. In case this doesn’t make your day, we’re sure those three little blue-eyed kittens in the image below will.

If you’re signed into Facebook right now and can see that a thoughtlessly dispatched Candy Crush invite has come your way, fret not! Click on the notifications tab on the right side of the screen to check out its contents. Now hovering your mouse over the X to the right side of the game request will give you the choice to turn it off.

Candy Crush Meme

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Once you switch off the alert, a question asking you if you want to ‘Turn off notifications from Candy Crush Saga?’ will appear below it. There’s also the option to leave it on. Picking the first one will ensure that your Facebook friends can never bug you with requests again. There’s another way to do it if you don’t want invites from a particular user.

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Go to the upper right hand side of your page and click on Settings. The fifth option that appears in the list on the left hand side of the screen is Blocking. This opens up the Manage Blocking controls, with the third on the displayed list being Block app invites. It allows you to ‘Block invites from’ any Facebook friend whose name you type into the box.

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Block Candy Crush

This section also lets you bar specific applications like Candy Crush for one, prevent Facebook friends from sending you event invites, block pages and so on.

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