Xiaomi partners Cashify for Mi Exchange scheme

Xiaomi’s announced a brand new initiative dubbed Mi Exchange in partnership with Cashify, allowing customers to hand in their old smartphone for a discount towards their new device. The scheme is only available in Mi Home stores across the country, although it can be availed directly through the latter’s website as well.

To take advantage of the Mi Exchange program, a person would have to carry along their current handset when visiting a Mi Store. The outlet’s Cashify team will suggest a suitable price for it based on its condition and market value. The figure can’t be negotiated with, so if both parties agree the money can be used to get a discount on the new phone.

Xiaomi’s highlighted a list of terms and conditions for the initiative. First of all, a person can only trade in 1 device at a time. It has to be present in Cashify’s portfolio and the resale value will be determined based on the firm’s app. Buyers will get an e- receipt for their previous smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi Max

If an individual happens to not have their old device with them when they visit a Mi Home store, they can arrange for a pickup to happen at their home. In this case, they’ll have to pay the full amount for their new handset. The cash for the old handset will only be given once the Cashify executive comes to collect it.

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Since the entire process is dependent on Cashify, people can check how much they’ll get for their current handset by visiting its app or website.