XiaomiXiaomi Mi Protect phone, tablet insurance rolls out in India

Xiaomi Mi Protect phone, tablet insurance rolls out in India

The Xiaomi Mi Protect insurance scheme has officially been launched in India, about a week after it was first introduced in the country. As reported, the service is only valid for smartphones and tablets bought through the brand’s official site.

The devices which can be protected under the Xiaomi Mi Protect policy include the Redmi 2, Redmi 2 Prime, Mi 4i 16GB, Mi 4 16GB, and Mi Pad. The first 2 will cost users Rs 275, while the last 3 can be obtained for Rs 499. The manufacturer is promoting the initiative as a small price to pay for a year’s worth of security, with the brand guaranteeing coverage for all sorts of accidents.

Xiaomi Mi Protect

These could vary from crushing the handset underneath a car or spilling tea on it. Xiaomi is also bundling a free pick-up and drop service with the insurance policy, in addition to a 2nd servicing within a year of activation. Other benefits consist of 1TB of cloud storage via Docusafe, a SIM misuse cover totaling up to Rs 3000 and the ability to stop a SIM card from any location across the globe.

It should be noted that the Mi Protect scheme charges a fee every time it picks up a device. The amount will either be 3% of the repair cost or Rs 300, depending on which figure is higher. This means members still have to pay for any damages, but at a lesser rate than what they would have without the insurance.

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In unfortunate news for existing Xiaomi owners, people can only purchase the policy when buying a new device as it’s not valid for standalone phones bought before it was announced. After buying the plan for their device, users will be able to activate it by calling 1800 407 333333, 1800 123 3330 or 0 8080 333 333.

You can view the complete list of terms and conditions for Xiaomi Mi Protect here.

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