Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker hits India at Rs 1999

The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker has finally been launched in India, a few weeks after it was announced alongside the Redmi Note 3. The colorful accessory is priced at Rs 1999 and goes on sale exclusively via the brand’s own site.

Portability is key to the appeal of the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker thanks to its 270g weight and small dimensions. It can apparently blast music for up to 8 hours on a full charge. The all-metal device has been carved out of a wear and dirt-resistant aluminum alloy material which adds to its ruggedness.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker

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The Mi Bluetooth Speaker ships in-built with a microphone in order to facilitate hands-free calls. The gadget automatically stops playing music during an incoming call and allows the user to enable the mode by pressing the play button. Specs-wise, it offers a stereo sound volume of up to 90dB and an Avnera AV3102 SoC.

Xiaomi claims the latter ensures a balanced tone which supports a maximum of 19 PEQ adjustments and 12 levels of DRC. Furthermore, the speaker’s aluminum alloy diaphragm guarantees an advanced level of acoustic pressure and crystal clear treble. It even goes as far as to compare the product’s range to that of a Hi-Fi system.

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The Mi Bluetooth Speaker will be joined by a number of other accessories. The company is selling a Holi-special version of its 10400mAh power bank bundled with color sleeves in black, pink, blue, white and gray. It costs Rs 1099, a tad more than the regular Rs 999 the sleeve-less version goes for. Also on hand are flip cover cases for the Redmi Note 3 at Rs 349 and hard covers for Rs 269.

Finally, the Mi Band and Mi in-ear headphones are now available in an open sale and retail at Rs 799 and Rs 999, respectively. You can check out the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker over at the brand’s official site.

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