Xiaomi calls Redmi Note 4 explosion video fake

Xiaomi has responded to the alleged video of the Redmi Note 4 exploding by calling the footage fake. The company claims the phone in the video was not the Redmi Note 4.

However, Xiaomi does admit that a Redmi Note 4 did explode in an incident in Bengaluru. According to its account, the customer at the center of the controversy had bought the phone on June 1 at a Poorvika shop. The device supposedly got damaged at his home on July 17. The man took the smartphone to the same outlet, after which it was handed over to the company.

After conducting an investigation, Xiaomi has concluded that the Redmi Note 4 was damaged because of a faulty third-party charger. It also asserts that there were signs of physical damage. The brand says it replaced the smartphone with a new unit on July 24.

Burnt Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Xiaomi had some harsh words for The Explode, the blog that initially circulated the video. It thinks the site’s behavior was irresponsible and disturbing, compelling it to consider legal action against the publication. The firm asserts that the offending video was pulled from a random WhatsApp group and took place in Kerala.

The Explode for its part told Gadgets 360 that the customer himself provided the video after contacting TechCase, the original source of the news. He apparently went back on his claim later. In any case, the entire incident should serve as a timely reminder that it’s best to use original or authorized chargers rather than unreliable alternatives.