XiaomiXiaomi blames extreme external force for Redmi Note 4 blast

Xiaomi blames extreme external force for Redmi Note 4 blast

Xiaomi has been busy investigating the case of a man whose Redmi Note 4 exploded into smithereens recently. It’s now come out with a statement explaining why the blast occurred.

To recap, the explosive Redmi Note 4 in question was owned by an Andhra Pradesh resident named Bhavana Suryakiran. He claims the phone detonated while he was on his bike. The incident left him with minor burn marks, prompting him to sue Xiaomi and demand compensation for his injuries.

Xiaomi told IANS that it managed to procure the burnt Redmi Note 4 after a week of multiple conversations with Suryakiran. Its first impression of the damaged unit is that an extreme external force was applied to the phone. This in turn lead the back cover and battery to bend and the screen to crack open.

Burnt Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Xiaomi is currently in the midst of launching a deeper investigation into the matter to determine the exact reason behind the blast. Its current explanation sounds plausible enough, but we won’t know for sure whether it’s accurate or not until more details come out in the open.

For instance, what exactly was this ‘extreme external force’ that resulted in flames shooting out of a relatively new Redmi Note 4 unit? It would be useful information to have since other owners can stop it from happening when they’re on bikes or at home.

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In the meanwhile, Xiaomi is requesting customers to avoid opening their device, puncturing the battery, giving it for repair at unauthorized shops, or applying too much force.

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