Xiaomi acknowledges ban on sale of its phones, addresses letter to its fans

Xiaomi, the Chinese company which has reportedly managed to grab an extremely admirable one percent market share on smartphones in India within just five months of its arrival, has been banned from selling its products in India. While it has obeyed the court orders, it has now gone on to issue an apology to fans by means of an open letter.

Speaking on behalf of the Mi India team on Facebook, the global vice president of Xiaomi Hugo Barra has said that the Delhi High Court order has forced the company to suspend sales of its devices in India until further notice. This has happened owing to a dispute with Ericsson over royalties on its technologies.

Xiaomi Mascot

While he hasn’t specified this reason in his letter, he has indeed acknowledged that Xiaomi is currently committed to restarting sales of the Redmi Note and Redmi 1S devices in India. Barra has even mentioned that in the wake of this controversy, his company is carefully investigating the matter and assessing its legal options.

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Xiaomi officially entered India in June this year, and has since then altered the country’s smartphone market extensively. The recent High Court order came as a serious blow to the company, as it is currently at the peak in terms of both popularity and sales. The court will be hearing the matter again on February 5, so it’s likely that the ban will stay until then at least.

It’s hence that if you’re a fan waiting to lay your hands on a Xiaomi Redmi 1S or a Redmi Note, you’ll either have to have some patience or look for other options.