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World’s first Braille phone by OwnFone up for sale

OwnFone has rolled out a brilliantly designed 3D printed Braille phone for the visually impaired and put it up for sale through the company website. The device is very similar to the simple handset launched by OwnFone in 2012 and then followed up by the 1stFone for kids.

Only some parts of the Braille phone are 3D printed and it comes in two choices for the visually impaired who know Braille and for those who don’t. The button interface can be customized to display the functions mentioned on the keys in raised text or Braille.

OwnPhone Braille

The tasks that this device can perform are restricted to basic communications and it does not feature a traditional display. As you can see from the pictures, it’s all buttons and no screen. It only allows you to answer calls or dial up people. There are volume rockers and an option to turn the speaker on/off at the top.

Below these sit keys to answer or reject calls. Taking up most of the face are buttons for contacts with whom users want to stay in touch. Each key stands for one number and you can have up to 12 of these on your phone. Each contact can be represented by just the name or a photo of the person to whom it belongs.

Braille Phone For The Blind

You cannot use the device to dial up any other number apart from the ones programmed into it according the details you provided to the manufacturer at the time of ordering it. If you’re going to pick up a colorful option, we’d say avoid choosing the flowery backgrounds because they make your phone look like it got design ideas from your grandparents’ curtains.

The Braille phone by OwnFone costs about £60 and it be grabbed by hitting this link to the official page.

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