Worldfloat launches a mobile application, makes us LOL with ’60 million users’ claim

We’re sorry to have classified Worldfloat in our Social Networks category, but a ridiculous application to support what is possibly one of the most delusional internet product has been launched and we thought it was about time we mentioned it. That’s right, the website says it has released a redesigned mobile page and even boasts about having 60 million users.

It’s also a search engine of sorts and places links to all sorts of news feeds, videos, music and what not in a haphazard manner that will have you lost before you realize it. If you’ve been unlucky enough to bump into any of the creepy folks who actually use Worldfloat as a social network, do us a favor please and ask them why Facebook isn’t good enough.


We’re not proud to say this, but Worldfloat is a product of India and was founded by a certain Pushkar Mahatta. We checked out its mobile site and trust us, you don’t want to waste your time there. Meanwhile, the image we’ve posted above is a screenshot of what the landing page for desktops looks like. Did you just ask us to check its status on commercial web traffic data provider, Alexa?

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Worldfloat has a relatively low percentage of visitors who enter and leave without clicking on any links within it (called bounce rate), according to the information revealed. We will make our graceful exit by saying that when you have a page with sensationalist tags to links and dodgy profile pictures of attractive women spread all across it, the reason for such figures is all too apparent.