Word Spin now comes to iPhone

Word Spin Word Spin fans can now play their favorite game on the iPhone, as GeoSpace and RogueSheep have released the game for the Apple device. The Word Spin App merges the fundamentals of popular word games, crossword puzzles and word searches into a handy game for the iPhone. The app may certainly be a wonderful means to hone users’ vocabulary by recognizing words and anagrams from two to eight letters in length. The Original Word Spin is believed to hold a universal appeal for decades.

The three different games included in Word Spin are Solitaire, Challenge and Practice. In Solitaire, players need to spell up to eight-letter words and set individual high scores that can be documented on both local and global leaderboards. The Practice may be ideal for players who wants to improve their vocabulary. They may try constructing the harder seven and eight letter words or discovering all the easy to overlook short words on every line.

The player can control the game with the Multi Touch user interface of the iPhone. While in the SPIN stage, the player may flick any wheel up or down with one finger to turn it to the preferred letter. To shift a wheel, the player has to just tap and hold a wheel with one finger and drag it left or right to the desired site. All wheels can be swiveled up or down concurrently by flicking with two fingers. After the player has aligned their preferred word/words, they can embark on the SCORE stage. To match a word, the player is supposed to tap letters from left to right to choose a word and then tap the last letter again to immediately move words to the score sheet. The consequence of misspelled words would be a deduction from the score sheet.

The Word Spin App is available from the App Store on the iPhone and iPod Touch with a preliminary price of $1.99 but in future it will be raised to $2.99.