GoogleWinning Doodle 4 Google celebrates Children's Day

Winning Doodle 4 Google celebrates Children’s Day

Google is celebrating Children’s Day by replacing its regular logo with an illustration made by the winner of its Doodle 4 Google contest. The competition is in its 7th year in India and decides the champion through a public voting process.

This year’s winner is P Karthik, a 9-year old boy from Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan, Visakhapatnam. The 2015 edition of Doodle 4 Google asked participants to draw a picture with the theme of ‘If I could create something for India, it would be…’. Karthik’s creation depicts a ‘Plastic to Earth’ machine which is supposed to recycle garbage in India.

Google Doodle Childrens Day

The waste is sucked into a contraption which looks like a car. The ‘evil’ plastic is converted into a material which aids the growth of Mother Nature. The apparatus seems to be powered by solar energy, going by the panels on top of the mechanism. It further appears to be gathering the objects from a polluted river flowing through an urban city.

Like last year, Doodle 4 Google shortlists 12 finalists across India. There are 3 groups based on a student’s class, with 4 illustrations picked from each. They all get a Chromebook laptop, an invitation to the final award ceremony, a certificate of achievement, and the opportunity to have their drawings showcased on the competitions website.

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The national winner gets all these prizes, in addition to having their work displayed on Google’s homepage and a medal. Karthik was the winner under the Group 1 subdivision. P Ramya, the Group 2 winner, is also from Visakhapatnam. Her ‘Green City Dream City’ picture shows a city which utilizes only green sources of energy to power itself.

Ashita Sharma, the Group 3 Doodle 4 Google winner, is from New Delhi. Her picture uses 3 robots to perform different functions. The blue one catches litterers and corrupt individuals, the green robot works towards a cleaner nation, and the pink one collects taxes.

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