AccessoriesWin the Aliph Jawphone High-End Bluetooth Headsets

Win the Aliph Jawphone High-End Bluetooth Headsets

Jawphone Bluetooth Headsets

Aliph Jawphone’s new Bluetooth headsets designed by Yves Behar are finally here. Not only are the headsets here, but even their names seem to be very interesting.

The gold-tinted headset is named Sweet Talk Jawbone and features a small floral etching. While the Dirty Talk model possesses piano black color and hence looks stylish, the Trash Talk headset is white in color.

The latest range of Bluetooth headsets features special audio technology that automatically compensates for loud environments by reducing ambient noise and simultaneously adjusting volume.

The design of these headsets seems like they have been made especially for women.

These new headsets are manufactured not only in limited-edition but the extremely limited edition as well! In fact, they will not be available in the market at all. Rather, they can be won at the promotional contest organized by Josh Spear.

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