SoftwareWin 200 dollars by providing original new app ideas for CrazySoft

Win 200 dollars by providing original new app ideas for CrazySoft

CrazySoft App Idea

This world has evolved from innovative, unique ideas. Imagine where humans would be if geniuses like Galileo, Da Vinci, Newton and others had not supplied our race with ideas. One such idea could be rewarded with $200. CrazySoft is endowing users with an amazing contest wherein they can submit an idea that just might win the cash prize.

Users need to post their short app idea on the company’s Facebook page. Subsequently CrazySoft’s creative minds will pull out the best entry. After which there is nothing to stop the creator of the idea to cash in the $200 Paypal cash price. Users have until August 20 to come up with the blueprint of their novel apps. Coming up with ideas may not be difficult as applications are so common and inspirations can drop like apples from the tree.

Users although might just benefit from keeping in mind that CrazySoft usually comes up with logic and puzzle games which at times might contain educational matter. Well, it is time to spill the beans and let the creativity rain down. The CrazySoft Facebook wall is waiting for users to put up all their creative ideas.

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