WhatSim provides backup solution for WhatsApp on a budget while traveling abroad

Data charges while roaming can easily burn a huge hole in your wallet, especially when traveling abroad, but with WhatSim, you could stay connected with friends and family on the cheap. As the name suggests, this new service started by Manuel Zanella who’s the founder of Zeromobile, gives you a SIM card which provides free WhatsApp usage around the globe.

By free, we mean that there won’t be any monthly subscription fee, but you will have to pay an annual charge which is just €10 for the WhatSim card. For that small amount, you’ll be able to travel to around 150 countries and still be able to chat with friends without taking a separate data connection or hunting for a Wi-Fi hotspot.


The creator of this service says that the SIM card is compatible with over 400 network operators and will automatically switch connections to provide the best service. And while sending text messages via WhatsApp is completely free, multimedia files will cost you as they eat up more data.

The company notes that you can purchase credits, the lowest being €5 for 1000 credits which will allow you to share or receive 50 photos, 10 videos or 200 voice messages in most regions. Also, sharing your location with WhatsApp contacts won’t cost you anything. The maximum amount you can recharge is €50 for 10000 credits.

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€10 for a year isn’t much, but in selection countries, you’ll be able to get the service for just €5. The only downside here is that you’ll have to ditch your current SIM card for WhatSim or pick up a device which has dual card slots.

WhatSim is already available for purchase through the company’s official website where more information on the service is also available. Just so you know, the startup isn’t affiliated with WhatsApp in any way.