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WhatsApp to soon get video calling support

WhatsApp video calling has been doing the rounds on the internet since December last year, with very little about the feature emerging since then. This is all set to change now thanks to a new leak which confirms that the app is indeed working on the tool.

New screenshots of WhatsApp Translation reveal that the company is asking users to help convert phrases like ‘Video Call’ and ‘Video calling is unavailable at this time’ into various languages. The latter sentence has even managed to surface in a few beta testers handsets, likely because it’s not yet activated or needs the other contact to have the beta app too.

WhatsApp Translation

Its possible WhatsApp may enable video calling for beta participants before making it available to everyone. As Android Police has pointed out, the app could even force everyone to endure the invite-only system it had introduced for voice calls last year. Speaking of invites, the brand is also supposedly looking into adding the ability to send group invites via NFC tags, links or QR codes.

WhatsApp Video Calling

If implemented, the WhatsApp feature could be a godsend for groups who want to bring in people without having to tediously invite each person only via their phone number. The tool may even allow participants and not just admins to add people to a group. It might prove to be especially useful for businesses and communities who want people to join.

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Other than video calling and group invites, the new report also suggests that voice mail and Zip file sharing may find its way to WhatsApp in the near future. We’ll keep you updated the moment it does.

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