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WhatsApp Prepping Call-Based Verification Feature

WhatsApp Flash Call
Image Source: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp currently uses a secret code-based verification process to log users into their accounts but there seems to be one more option in the works. Evidence of a flash calling feature has been spotted in the latest beta version of the app. It will allow you to quickly log into your WhatsApp accounts.

The flash call feature is an automatic verification method that will have WhatsApp call your phone number and automatically end the call to verify that the last phone number in your phone’s log matches the number that gives you the 6-digit code.

“This phone number is always different, so there is no way to trick this method, ensuring a safe experience. WhatsApp is now working on an introduction for the feature to explain why it needs the permission to make and manage calls and access to your phone’s log,” said the folks at WABetaInfo, who found evidence of the feature in WhatsApp beta version

As they said, the app will need permission to make and manage phone calls and access your call logs for flash calls to work. While this is possible to get through a simple prompt on Android, iOS does not provide a public API to access users’ call logs. This means iOS users will still need to take the secret code route to log into their accounts.

It has also been confirmed that WhatsApp will soon get multi-device support, allowing users to stay logged in on four devices simultaneously. A disappearing mode is also coming to the chat app, which automatically enables ephemeral messages in new chat threads. That said, there’s no word on when the flash call feature will make its way into the main app.


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