WhatsApp introduces drawing and adding emojis to photos

WhatsApp has introduced a couple of new features that allows you to draw and add emojis or text on photos, much like the popular app Snapchat. The update is rolling out for Android phones and will be made available for iOS users soon.

You can insert emojis and text in varied colors and font sizes to photos clicked via WhatsApp’s camera tool or sourced from the phone’s gallery. Whenever you share an image, these options will pop up on the screen to personalize the shot before you fire it off. You can also flaunt your creative skills by drawing doodles on the picture.

WhatsApp Camera

The WhatsApp camera feature now hosts front-facing flash by brightening up your handset’s screen. The update also enables you to zoom in and out on the subject by sliding your finger up or down while recording videos. Switching from the front shooter to the rear one has been made easier by reducing it down to just a double tap on the screen.

WhatsApp has joined the leagues of apps that are borrowing heavily from Snapchat’s photo and video-based services. Instagram started the trend with its Stories feature where users can record and share videos lasting just a few seconds. Facebook is currently testing a similar format through its Messenger platform.

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One of the likely reasons why these widely popular applications are coming up with their own Snapchat-like features is the immense success of the latter in the US, the home turf of all of the aforementioned apps. However, the ephemeral application has not yet gained a foothold throughout the world. This is the advantage Facebook and Instagram are probably banking on.