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WhatsApp gets new pinned chats feature

WhatsApp has rolled out a brand new update which allows users to pin important conversations to the top of their chat list. The feature is currently being rolled out to Android users with no word as to when it will hit iOS patrons.

WhatsApp’s pinned chats tool initially appeared in its beta avatar in early May. It works as simply as it sounds. A user just has to tap and hold on a chat and the new pin icon will appear along the top of their screen next to delete, mute and archive. They’ll have to repeat the process if they want to unpin a conversation.

People can stick both group and individual discussions to the top of their list. Unfortunately, WhatsApp has placed a 3-chat restriction on the feature, so users will have to be selective about which chats they find the most important.

WhatsApp Pinned Chats

WhatsApp currently arranges conversations chronologically, so the most recent ones are on top and the older ones at the bottom. This works fine if there are a limited number of active conversations going on at any given time, but can be a headache to sort through for users who belong to several groups and are being flooded with unnecessary spam and jokes.

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Pinned chats doesn’t exactly solve this dilemma, but it does provide an easy way to access frequent chats faster, eliminating the need to scroll through less essential chats. Before its arrival, the only way to keep important chats up top was to archive other chats constantly.

You can download WhatsApp via the Play Store.

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