WhatsApp for iOS update allows location sharing, video backups

WhatsApp for iOS has been updated with a handful of new features including the option to back up videos through the Chats and Calls section, and location sharing through Apple Maps. Version 2.12.5 of the application for iPhone also has a major new addition Android users have been enjoying for some time, the ability to consume less data while making voice calls.

So if the data balance on your iPhone is low and you need to use WhatsApp for dialing up someone, simply pick the Low Data Usage option from the Chats and Calls tab in Settings. The gesture-based screen reading function in iOS called VoiceOver, is receiving improved support too in this latest version of the messenger software.

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As mentioned above, you can start backing up videos along with chats. Another big improvement is the ability to customize notifications. Previously, you could only mute WhatsApp groups to stop your iPhone from pinging frequently. This facility has been extended to individual chats now, along with the choice to assign different ringtones to each contact.

Chats can be marked as read or unread with a simple swipe, thanks to the upgraded WhatsApp application. Auto-load has been brought in so older messages appear without your intervention, as you scroll upwards through conversations. Location messages have been given a larger map thumbnail to replace the inconveniently smaller one from before.

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What’s more, you may look forward to sharing your location or nearby places directly from Apple Maps to WhatsApp. Contacts can be sent to your friends on the messenger tool right from within the Contacts app. Last but not the least, the developers have even made changes to the photo and video cropping feature for the better.

Follow this link to download the latest version of WhatsApp for iPhone. It’s a 46MB file and works with Apple smartphones running iOS 6 or higher.