WhatsApp beta update gets doodle feature, front camera flash

WhatsApp beta update has now been enabled it with a doodle feature and front-facing flash as well as bigger emojis in chats. In addition to these, you can now zoom in or out while shooting videos by sliding your finger up or down the screen. These updates have been made available in the 2.16.264 version of the application.

The doodle feature in the beta version of WhatsApp is inspired by the one in Snapchat. You can access it through the camera icon in the text box, which is the shooter interface inside the application and not the native camera on your phone. Here you can click a picture and draw over it using the pen emoticon on the top right corner of the display. Text typing can also be done on the image from the option next to the pen.

WhatsApp Beta Version

WhatsApp has introduced stickers in its latest Beta version. They can be resized and rotated as per your wishes. The script and the labels are available in a multitude of colors to suit a particular picture’s requirements. In case you are not happy about the additions made to a photo, you can use the Undo option to erase several of them.

The front-facing flash option in the WhatsApp may remind users of the one that Apple provided in its iPhones. If you activate the option from the icon next to the capture button when taking a selfie, the screen will light up and act as a substitute flash. This provides illumination in low-light conditions. Unfortunately, the feature may not work on many high-end phones owing to device incompatibility.

Another addition to the WhatsApp camera is the ability to zoom in and out on the screen while taking videos. You can slide up and down the display using just one finger to adjust the frame of your video. This feature was introduced by Snapchat and has also been incorporated by Instagram for its Stories.

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WhatsApp has been playing around with its emojis for quite some time now. Its recent modification of the beloved feature is to enlarge them when used singularly in messages. The solo emoji will be visible in a large size in a message, like the solo red heart. When sending two emojis, they will be magnified to the medium size which is slightly smaller.

The formula continues for sending three emojis in a row. However, when using four or more emoticons, the size remains the standard small one. This new method works whether you are sending emojis of the same type or in different combinations.

Whatsapp has also started supporting Telegram links inside messages. The beta version 2.16.264 of WhatsApp with the new features can be downloaded by signing up for the special Play Store program or from APK Mirror.