AppleWhat Does The Green Dot Mean In iOS 16?

What Does The Green Dot Mean In iOS 16?

ios 16In iOS 16, the green dot is a feature that appears in the top right corner of an iPhone or iPad. This small green dot serves as an indicator to let users know when an app is using the device’s camera. This privacy feature is intended to give users greater control over their devices and increase app usage transparency. 

The green dot appears whenever an app actively uses the camera, even if it is running in the background. This feature is part of Apple’s ongoing efforts to prioritize user privacy and security. In this article, we will explore what the green dot means in iOS 16 and how it works as a security feature to help protect your privacy.

What is the Green Dot in iOS 16?

The green dot is a visual cue that appears on the top right corner of the iPhone screen when an app is using the device’s camera. It was introduced as a security feature in iOS 14 and remains present in iOS 16 to provide better protection against unauthorized access to the device’s camera.

When an app uses the camera or both the camera and the microphone, the green dot will appear, above the service, Wi-Fi/LTE, and battery indicators. It is a quick and easy way for users to know when an app is using the camera function.

The green dot is a critical privacy and security feature in iOS as it discourages unauthorized access or misuse of the device’s camera. By providing users with a visual cue, it lets them quickly know when an app is using their camera and take appropriate action to protect their privacy.

How does the Green Dot work in iOS 16?

When an app uses the camera on your iPhone, a green dot appears on your screen. As mentioned above, this green dot is activated when an app accesses the camera (you’ll see a orange dot when the microphone is being used), whether the app is in the foreground or background. 

The green dot or orange dot does not prevent apps from accessing the camera or microphone, respectively, but it provides users with more control and awareness over which apps use these features. If you see the colored dots, you can quickly check which apps use the camera or microphone and take appropriate action to protect your privacy.

Why is the Green Dot important for iPhone users?

ios 16 green dot orange dotThe green dot is an essential privacy and security feature for iPhone users, as it helps prevent unauthorized or surreptitious access to their camera. So can someone see you through your phone camera? With the green dot, users have complete visibility into when their camera is in use, and they can quickly identify which apps are accessing it.

This can help prevent hackers or malicious apps from using the camera without the user’s knowledge, providing greater peace of mind and control over their device’s security. By providing this visual cue, the green dot empowers users to prevent unwanted access to their device’s camera.

How do I get rid of the green dot on iOS 16?

There’s no way to get rid of the green (or orange) dot in iOS 16 if you’re wondering how to deactivate this feature. But if you want to stop apps from accessing your camera or mic:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and tap on Privacy & Security.
  • Tap on Camera (or Microphone, if you’re worried about the orange red dot).
  • You will see a list of apps that have requested access to your camera (or mic). Find the app that is using your camera or mic and toggle off its access.
  • The green dot will disappear once the app no longer has access to your camera; same goes for the orange light.

If you are unsure of which app is using your camera, you can check the Control Center. It will show you which application is utilizing your camera or microphone if green or orange light is on. This information is displayed through icons located beside the app name. This indicator makes it easier for you to identify which app is accessing your camera or microphone, and take the necessary actions accordingly.


The green or red dot feature in iOS is an important privacy tool for iPhone and iPad users. It provides a clear indication when an app is accessing the device’s camera or microphone.

With the addition of more detailed information about which app is using the camera or microphone, users have even greater control over their privacy and security. It is important for users to be aware of what the green dot means (or the orange dot) and to take action when necessary to protect their privacy.

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