GeneralVu Televisions showcases 50-inch, 55-inch UHD TV sets to challenge Sony, LG, Samsung

Vu Televisions showcases 50-inch, 55-inch UHD TV sets to challenge Sony, LG, Samsung

Vu Televisions has just rolled out two good arguments against why you’d want to buy an LG, Sony or Samsung UHD TV, in the form of 55-inch and 50-inch ultra offerings of its own. These 4K resolution Vu TVs are priced at Rs 89900 and Rs 119000, respectively.

The Samsung 48HU8500 48-inch 4K 3D LED Smart TV is priced at Rs 159900, while LG and Sony also have 49-inch 3840 x 2160p resolution models at Rs 164900 and Rs 174900, correspondingly. It’s an identical tale of a low price versus high price regarding the 55-inch Vu 40K160 and its market rivals in India.

Vu 50-inch TV

Vu Televisions has embedded what it says is the world’s first quad core graphics engine in its UHD TVs. This will supposedly upscale set-top box content so that the screen spews out details and visuals sharper than what the original source provided. The company has chosen the timing of its latest launches to coincide with the festive buying season in India.

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Vu Televisions hasn’t signed up a brand ambassador as yet and claims that its consumers are good enough for the job seeing as they’ve given 5-star ratings to the company’s products on eCommerce websites. Online, only Snapdeal will be exclusively selling the 55-inch and 50-inch TVs which will hit availability very soon.

Vu 55-inch TV

Snapdeal was apparently chosen because it can boast of over 30% month-on-month growth rate in the Televisions category. The TVs will also be stocked in 380 locations across the country, with direct shipping from Vu’s certified customer service center. The whole deal is about making profits by offering advanced, large screen TVs to customers at reasonable prices.

We’ll update you about the availability of the Vu 55-inch and 50-inch UHD TVs as soon as we hear word on it.

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