Vodafone’s offering 28GB data, unlimited calling with new Rs 348 plan

Vodafone has announced yet another scheme in its efforts to attract and retain customers heading towards the behemoth that is Reliance Jio. The brand’s new 348 Prepaid Recharge offer gives away 1GB of data everyday for 28 days.

As can be guessed by its name, the deal costs Rs 348 and is only open to prepaid customers. Vodafone has only made it available in Rajasthan for now. Other than the aforementioned data benefits, users will also get access to unlimited local and national voice calling.

It should be noted that 2G, 3G and 4G subscribers can take up the scheme, unlike previous initiatives which focused primarily on the last. People can head to a Vodafone Store or any multi-brand outlet in Rajasthan to join the plan. For those who’d rather do it online, the company is also taking up registrations via the MyVodafone app.


Reliance Jio has its own Rs 309 and Rs 399 plans to counter Vodafone’s Rs 348 one. The former’s schemes last longer though, with the Rs 309 one valid for 56 days and the Rs 399 one for 84 days. In comparison, the latter’s plan goes on for just 28 days.

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Vodafone has been announcing a slew of new deals over the past couple of months. One particular scheme targeted new subscribers, offering them 70GB of data spread over the course of 70 days at Rs 244. Another dubbed the Campus Survival Kit gave away 1GB of data every day for 84 days at Rs 445 only for students.