Verizon eyes Indian audience with Airtel partnership

Verizon Digital Media Services has entered into a partnership with Bharti Airtel to expand its content delivery network across India. The digital media platform aims to tap the potential of the ever expanding online audience in India. With the help of Airtel’s established communications infrastructure, Verizon hopes to provide quality content to consumers in the country.

The partnership has launched Points of Presence (PoP) to enable better delivery of online content. These PoPs are currently situated in 4 Indian cities – New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. The establishment of such PoPs in these cities has proved beneficial for Verizon. It has improved network performance in said areas as observed in a study done by third-party measurement tool, Cedexis. Content is processed faster to fulfill user requests.

Verizon Logo

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Verizon provides digital media services across the continents of America, Asia, Europe and Australia. The company helps media businesses to establish themselves in the digital space. It has served clients like ABC and Reader’s Digest in their transitions into the online world. Its entry into the Indian digital market scene while piggybacking on Airtel is with the purpose of gaining more audiences through a strong network presence.

One of the main reasons that Verizon chose to partner with Bharti Airtel is the well-established communications system by the Indian company. Airtel is among the leading mobile networks in the country which provides 2G, 3G and 4G services nationwide along with mobile and broadband services. It also has an international presence with network systems in over 50 countries. Verizon will use this infrastructure to deliver content across the nation.

Verizon’s entry into the Indian digital market is an example of how the platform is growing rapidly and attracting foreign players. Verizon’s announcement came just months after Netflix made its debut in India. Local rivals like Hotstar and Ditto are also in the process of rapid expansions to gain online audiences early in the game.

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